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Each Team Registration is for a team of 5 Shooters.  4 Shooters will be of your choosing, the 5th Shooter will be an OATH Registered Veteran that OATH will add to your team.  You will be allowed to drop the lowest score.  BRING YOUR OWN SHOTGUNS AND SHELLS.

The Team Registration package includes:

* 5 Goodie Bags (each contains an OATH cap and a Tournament Shirt)

* 5 Dinner Vouchers

** The Team Registration does NOT include a cart rental.   If you need to rent a cart, please ensure that you add a CART RENTAL to your shopping cart before checking out.

*** Once we receive your payment, we'll reach out to you in order to collect your shirt sizes.

**** As you know, Shopify charges OATH a set amount for each electronic transaction.  Please consider paying your bill via a check or Facebook Fundraiser Donation so that OATH may utilize all of your generous donation.  If you'd like to pay by check or Facebook Fundraiser Donation, please email Gary Bartels at to arrange payment.