OATH Handmade Wingbone Turkey Call

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Made in the USA by one of our Veteran HEROES, this wingbone turkey call is a hand crafted custom call built from the genuine bones of a turkey wing.  Basic sounds of a hen are produced by drawing air into the call by a kissing action, hence the terminology of kissing the call.  The trumpet end of the call can be cupped with different hand positions, capable of producing different pitches and adds realism in true authentic hen call reproduction.  What makes the wingbone stand alone is the fact that it produces it's own unique sound that stands apart from the basic friction calls such as a pot and box.  The wingbone is notoriously effective on pressured, late season gobblers that are wise to the sounds produces by friction calls, and in many instances outperforms in the realm of genuine sound reproduction.  The wingbone call in a skilled set of hands can up the ante against a wise old long beard that has heard it all, and in many instances will bring him running in to find this "new" hen on the block.  The time spent learning this call just like any call, will result in an added advantage to anyone's vest arsenal with the capability to produce when the other calls fail.  All Foggy Hollow wingbone calls are sequence numbered to include a personal name inscription as well as the "OATH" logo.